Advertising on Hotelcremona.it

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In 'standard offer we offer, the page that lists the structures of your category (eg page list HOTELS), a particularly HIGHLIGHTS box in which, unlike the' free entry, you can customize text with many more characters, insert Addresses, Contacts, Phone, Website, Photos, and Links that you want. Also from here you can access to detailed page of your business where you can really manage content as you want and with everything 'you find interesting, we promise you: photo gallery, plenty of space for text, links, interactive map, of course you can enter that may be on offer. ALL THIS FOR ONLY € 25.00 per month.

HOME PAGE OFFER (optional)

Maximum VISIBILITA'con our home page! We offer an exclusive box FEATURED PHOTOS + made ​​+ TEXT LINK or alternatively BANNER ADVERTISING (as the box may not be available at this time). ALL THIS FOR ONLY € 30.00 per month.

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The payment annually in advance